TEAM Building



In today’s ever-changing world, organizations and employees are facing higher demands. We have designed practical team-building exercises to engage and involve employees, build trust, improve communication, and enhance collaboration.

To develop strong employee engagement, practice and training are required. We have curated practical exercises that provide immediate feedback and opportunities for reflection. Here are some examples:

Involvement – In this exercise, everyone is needed to successfully complete the task. Participants hold onto a rope and, without letting go, attempt to create a knot.

Trust – This activity fosters a sense of security and encourages the group to find solutions together. The group is divided into teams and must navigate through an imaginary “acid river” without losing any team members or work materials. The exercise is conducted under time pressure, requiring effective communication, task planning, and leadership to succeed.

Communication – This exercise aims to empower participants to influence and find control through their own actions. It involves a blind test where the group, with blindfolds on, must successfully create a square with right angles and equal sides together.

Collaboration – In the “hook” exercise, all members of the group must collaborate to move objects from one location to another.

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Developing good employee engagement requires practice and training.