fornudden mansion


For us, sustainability is important. We work with sustainable raw materials and prioritize organic products whenever possible. You will find several organic wines on our wine list, and we naturally practice recycling and waste sorting. Our spa products, such as soap, shampoo, and conditioner, are organic and sourced from the Swedish brand Jokkmokk C/O Gerd.

To create the best possible environment for our guests, we have installed world-leading air purifiers from Spirare. These air purifiers efficiently remove all particles, including viruses, ensuring that our indoor air is guaranteed to be one of the best in Sweden.

It’s time to discover the best food for you & the planet.

We also prioritize low CO2 emissions when it comes to electricity and heating. That’s why we use geothermal heating, with a 500-meter borehole in the ground to extract as much environmentally friendly energy as possible. The entire roof is covered with solar panels that provide green electricity. Additionally, we offer the opportunity to charge your electric vehicle with us.