Garden Party



We offer you and your friends this year’s Garden Party – the party where seductive
garden surroundings inspired by English sophistication and elegance meet playfulness. An opportunity for mingling in a beautiful setting with elements of fun games. Challenge your co-workers in various traditional Garden games inspired by English culture.

Choose between these events:
Jumbo Jenga – Popular strategy game in giant format
Jumbo Four in a row – Strategy and patience
Cornboard – Throw corn bags in a hole
Quiots –Throw rings around a stick
Laser gun shooting – Requires a steady hand and a good eye
Golf Ladder – Throw bolas
Jumbo Memory – Memory test in a giant format
Basket Double Shot – Electronic basketball
Lawn Bowls – Roll oval bowls as close to the marker as possible
Bolt of Towers – Who can build the highest tower?
Jumbo Pickaxe – Steady on the hand and a good strategy
Drop In Hood – Throw “darts” to a target area on the ground
Golf – Chip as many balls as possible in a basket

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Mingle under the treetops like The Great Gatsby and customize this year’s garden party
with us!