Become a star chef for a day at Fornudden Mansion! Here, you will cook dinner together and be coached by one of Sweden’s best chefs, all while enjoying the best lake view in Stockholm.

Cooking together is one of the best team activities you can do. Divide yourselves into teams and create a high-class three or four-course meal while enjoying relaxed socializing. Then, savor the meal with one of our customized wine and beverage packages.


Cook with Sweden’s top chefs

Get inspired and learn new tips and tricks from our head chef Christopher Rosén and his team. Christopher has achieved two semifinals in “Årets Kock” (Chef of the Year) competition and has worked in some of Sweden’s and Italy’s top restaurants.

In our chef team, we also have Sanny Lind, who has also competed in “Årets Kock” and has a semifinal on his list of accomplishments. Sanny has also worked alongside Gordon Ramsey in London, but we can assure you that Sanny is very humble in the kitchen, and no scolding will be given if you accidentally burn the food.

Fornudden Mansion

Fornudden Mansion is a representative villa from 1965, located just 18 minutes from Stockholm City. When you choose to do a cooking activity or conference with us, you will have the entire villa to yourselves. Before the cooking activity, you can hold a meeting or enjoy the Marilyn Monroe Spa or challenge each other in the Steve McQueen Lounge. After dinner, you can enjoy a drink in our own James Bond bar.

“A martini. Shaken, not stirred.”